(1) Annestown (Bun Abha), X499988 to Dunhill Castle,S504007.
Annestown is a small village on the coast set on a hillside over-looking a valley with a castle at one end and the sea at the other. The ruin of Dunhill Castle stands proud on a knoll above the valley. Sea Campion, Rock Sea-spurrey and Common Calamint adorn the walls. A large patch of Rubus norvicensis covers the bank just up from the parking area for the castle. Southern Polypody is found on the bridge and Curled Pondweed in the Annestown Stream below the bridge. Thick scrub covers a number of the fields on the west side of Annestown Stream (Sruth Bhun Abha); Royal Fern and Bog-myrtle are common here. The fields on the east side of the stream are the best; the one adjoining the road is marshy in places with a good selection of orchids: Early and Western Marsh-orchid, Heath and Common Spotted-orchid are mixed in with Yellow Iris, Common Cottongrass and Bog Pimpernel. The next field up the valley has Smooth Brome and in the scrubby heathy areas on the edge of the valley with a careful search Skullcap and Meadow Thistle can be seen. Field Bindweed grows in the rough area on the edge of the coastal car park and Seaside Daisy in well established on the cliffs above the cove.