(3) Aughavrellia Bridge, S263202.

From the R678 there is a track that takes you to a bridge over the Glasha River. If you walk up the river from the bridge there are soon some superb small boggy flushes. These are home to nine species of sedges including Star Sedge, Common Sedge and the dainty spikes of Dioecious Sedge. There is a little Marsh Hawk’s-beard and Marsh Cinquefoil, also to be found are Round-leaved Sundew, Marsh Arrowgrass and Marsh Violet. Leafy Rush can be found in the open areas by the river. Wall-rue grows on the bridge while Crested Dog’s-tail grows along the side of the track. Alchemilla filicaulis subspecies vestita can be seen on the north verge of the R678 that forms part of the triangle of Harney’s Cross Roads.