(5) Ballyscanlan Lough (Loch Bhaile Ui Scanláin), S537025.

The Ballyscanlan Hills (Choc Bhaile Ui Scanláin) tower above the lough. They dominate the area and are planted with conifers. Heathland species such as Bell Heather can still be found around the edge of the trees. Walking south along the road from the parking area is a good place to see brambles as nine species have been named; Rubus sprengelii is a sweet pretty thing, one of the few species I am able to recognize. Pale Flax grows in a small disused quarry on the roadside. A path takes you down through the trees to the lough. Perfoliate Pondweed can normally be found washed up on the shore. Gypsywort is common as is Skullcap and Lesser Skullcap. Lesser Marshwort and Marsh Pennywort grow in the marshy area at the east end of the lough.