(8) Clodiagh River, Portlaw, S476147.

On a bend in the road there is a small parking spot used by fisherman; a path takes you to the bank of the Clodiagh River. This is the easiest place to see Summer Snowflake where it grows by the thousands on the open river bank as well as under the willow carr. Rumex crispus subspecies uliginosus is found on the muddy margins of the river as is Pink Water-speedwell. Marsh Ragwort is frequent and Almond Willow is one of the commoner trees here. If you drive around to Portlaw and stop by Portlaw Bridge you should find Wild Marjoram. Fairy Foxglove can be seen growing on the bridge and a clump of and Italian Lords-and-ladies on the river bank by the bridge. Pink Hedge Bindweed grows on the left river bank above the bridge.