(13) Curragh, R992053.

This is not a walk, but is one of the nicest locations to see Irish Whitebeam in the county. It is a remote spot over-looking a valley with the Araglin River in the bottom which divides the county from Co. Tipperary. There is a large Irish Whitebeam on top of a field bank on the north side of the road and many young trees of various sizes scattered over the moorland on the other side of the road. Here Heather and Bell Heather are common. Bilberry grows on the field bank. A short way to the east on the roadside is a patch of Imperforated St John’s-wort. I should not say this but early June is the time of year I like this area best as the Rhododendron bushes which smother the side of the valley (Co. Waterford side only) and grow in the hedges really are beautiful.