(14) Curragraig, River Blackwater, X090938 or X091935.

This is a short walk along the road. It is worth stopping here just for the beautiful scenery as the River Blackwater flows through a steep-sided wooded valley. There is a small quay to park at the north end of this stretch of road. St Patrick’s-cabbage grows on the rocks on the opposite side of the road. Wood Melick can be found at the base of the rocks by the roadside. Marsh-marigold is common on the muddy river bank and Ivy Broomrape, Fairy Foxglove and Rock Stonecrop are to be found on the river wall nearer the south end. It was while leaning on the wall at the south end by the parking area dreaming, watching the water flowing past, that I caught a glimpse of a single white flower of a Summer Snowflake, this led to successful searches of the right bank of the river for more sites.