(15) Dungarvan, disused railway,X263933.

The disused railway can be walked along from Dungarvan to Ballyrandle along a tarmac path. There is parking on the roadside just south of the traffic lights by the Spar shop at Dungarvan. The initial stretch has high, grassy, scrubby banks. Almost the first plant to be encountered is Rubus caesarius on the south side of the path. Dwarf Elder forms large patches in places and Horse-radish is common at the start of the walk. The path opens out onto a grassy area before having a saltmarsh on the north side and a small area of dunes and the sea on the south side. Little-robin and Yellow Horned-poppy grow on the shingle at the top of the beach. The railway crosses the tidal mouth of the Glendine River, with splendid views over Dungarvan Harbour. Rock Sea-spurrey and Pellitory-of-the-wall are found on the wall. The path crosses the road, the last kilometre has low grassy banks and hedges. The path ends on reaching the next road and it is probably best to retrace your steps here.