(17) Fenor Bog Nature Reserve, S530013.

The Irish Peatland Conservation Council, in association with the Moin Fhionnurach Development Association purchased Fenor Bog in June 1999, 13 hectare in extent. It was declared a National Nature Reserve in 2004, the first nature reserve in the county. It was formerly a raised bog, which was cut away by hand until the 1920’s. A large car park by the church abuts the reserve. There is a short raised walkway made from recycled plastic. From here you can view the flora; Marsh-marigold gives a wonderful display of gold in the spring sunshine. Greater Tussock-sedge has formed some dense stands and Bottle Sedge is common. Blunt-leaved Pondweed occurs in a small pond with Water Horsetail at the margins. Marsh St John’s-wort and Bogbean are common as is Purple-loosestrife.