(20) Knockanore churchyard, X075880.

Botanically this is the best churchyard in the county. As you go through the main gate on your right amongst the grass is Arctic Eyebright, Heath-grass and Mat-grass. A small triangle of grass between the path and the wall of the church has Adder’s-tongue and Common Twayblade. On the other side of the church Common Spotted-orchids are scattered about in the grass as is Fairy Flax, Field Wood-rush, Flea Sedge, Heath Bedstraw, Heath Milkwort, Heath Speedwell, Hybrid Cinquefoil, Rough Hawkbit and Spring-sedge. There is a patch of Fox-and-Cubs and New Zealand Willowherb grows on the graves. Southern Polypody is found on the wall around the churchyard.