(24) River Blackwater west of Cappoquin, X086997.

A path leads from the picnic area on the south side of the N72 along the bank of the River Blackwater before leaving the river bank to join the N72. This can be made into a 2km circular walk back along the N72 to the picnic area. American Skunk-cabbage is established on the river bank under the willows and Marsh-marigold and Ramsons are common. There is a large stand of Thin-spiked Wood-sedge and many clumps of Pendulous Sedge and a patch of Butterbur are also under the willows. By either side of the path can be found Early-purple Orchids, Toothwort, Wood Speedwell and Bulbiferous Celandine, while Water Dock grows on the margin of the water.