(25) River walk by King’s Channel and the River Suir, Waterford, S636113.

Park on the roadside at the entrance to King’s Channel (housing estate). A narrow path takes you down to the bank of King’s Channel, here there are good views across to Little Island. There is a saltmarsh between the path and the water. Taschereau’s Orache is plentiful on the saltmarsh as is Sea Couch and Sea Aster. As you join the River Suir the path has scrub on either side, there are large patches of the alien bramble Himalayan Giant. After a while the scrub is replaced by trees. There are a variety of non-native trees self-sown along this wooded path including Norway Maple. A few patches of Butcher’s-broom are seen under the trees. On reaching a sharp bend there is a small rocky grassy area, here is found Heath False-brome. There are more patches of Heath False-brome on either side of the path. The path comes to an end, but there is a narrow path that leads up into the housing estates. It is advisable to use a street map to get back to the starting point if it is made into a circular walk. Otherwise retrace your steps.