(27) Templemichael, X080822.

There is a small car park by the ruins of Templemichael Castle; Great Mullein can usually be seen on the wall here. The track takes you down past the ruins of Templemichael Church. Snowdrops are common in the rough grass around the church. Bushes of Spurge-laurel grow under the trees at the end of the track. There is a small saltmarsh on the bank of the River Blackwater. Here Annual Sea-blite, Common Saltmarsh-grass, Greater Sea-spurrey, Long-bracted Sedge and Sea Aster grow. Buck’s-horn Plantain is found on the sea wall. On the roadside wall between the car park and the entrance to Molana Abbey can be seen all three species of Polypody, Early-purple Orchids, Ivy Broomrape and Calystegia silvatica subspecies silvatica. In the hedge on the other side of the road Laurustinus is found and at the base of the hedge Black Spleenwort and Hart’s-tongue. There are patches of Common Cord-grass on the mud of the Glendine River.