(28) The Gap, Knockmealdown Mountains (Sléibhte Chnoc Mhaoldomhnaigh), S030099.

The car park is on the border of Co. Tipperary and Co. Waterford with spectacular views into both counties. From here you can walk to the summit of Knockmealdown, the highest point in the county. The paths are not very well defined. The tiny Lesser Twayblade can be found under the heather between the car park and the summit, but is not common and will need careful searching. If you walk south down the road you come to Glentaunemon Bridge. New Zealand Willowherb grows by the walls of the bridge and there are a few small flushes by the stream above the bridge with the common plants of this habitat. Tunbridge Filmy-fern can be found in one spot on rocks just above the water. There is another car park by a group of trees, the site of a former dwelling, 2km further down the road toward Lismore. Slender Rush is common on the roadsides here. Common Restharrow grows on the grass bank of the car park.