(29) Tramore Burrow (An Dumhach), S590011.

Tramore Burrow lies to the east of the town of Tramore. To access it you walk either along the sandy beach, along the sea wall or over the saltmarsh behind the sea wall. In late July the saltmarsh is a blaze of blue from the flowers of Lax-flowered Sea-lavender. Strawberry Clover, Long-bracted Sedge and Sea-purslane can be found along the area behind the sea wall and the top of the saltmarsh. All the Glassworts recorded for the county can be seen on the saltmarsh. As you enter the dunes Wild Asparagus grows on the sea side, Dune Fescue is widespread at this end of the dunes only. Rumex acetosa subspecies hibernicus is widespread as is Heath Dog-violet. Spring vetch can only be found at the far end on the flat areas in short vegetation. Above the high tide mark Sea Rocket and Prickly Saltwort are abundant most years. Burnet Rose, Dewberry, Downy Oat-grass, Marram and Sand Couch are all common on the dunes.