(32) Woodstown Strand (Trá Mhílis), S695047.

It is a lovely walk along this 1.5km beach over-looking Waterford Harbour across to Co. Wexford. The gleaming shells of millions of cockles adorn the beach and provide a satisfying crunching sound as they are walked over. There is a large clump of Red Bistort on the dunes at the southern end of the car park. The dunes are not particularly rich in species as Marram covers it thickly. In the more open areas Sea Bindweed and Common Restharrow are to be seen. At the back of the dunes Bear’s-breech is well established. Hoary Cress is found where a stream joins the beach. The wooded Knockavelish Head (Ceann Choc Mhílis) over-looks the southern end of the beach; here Turkey Oak and Laurustinus are well established amongst the native trees. The lane at the end of the car park if walked will take you over to Fornaght Strand (An Cúilín), one of my favourite places in the county. There a narrow lane passing several cottages will take you down to the beach. Grey Sedge, Sweet Violets and Wild Leek grow on the bank of this lane. Wormwood and Yarrow are found on the low dunes and Common and Slender Spike-rush are found on the margin of the large marsh behind the dunes and False Fox-sedge, Bulrush, Sea Club-rush and Grey Club-rush are also to be seen. Babington’s and Frosted Orache can be seen at the top of the beach above the hide tide line.