Paul Green

I would like to thank the following: Keith Ferguson, who has a wealth of knowledge of Co. Waterford, for his support and encouragement and for passing on the botanical card index he had compiled for the county; Geraldine A. Crouch, Ian P. Green, Alan C. Leslie, Declan McGrath, MikeL. Stephens, Matt J. Stribley and John C. Wallacefor accompanying me for many hours in the field recording; Dominic Berridge for arranging and accompanying me on visits to Little Island; Alec Lockton and David Pearman for help with information in the Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI) database; Bob Ellis, Matt J. Stribley and John C. Wallace for help with Mapmate, the database used for computerising the records for this flora; Ian P. Green, Alan C. Leslie and Mike L. Stephens for proof reading the flora and offering many useful suggestions; Sylvia C.P. Reynolds for answering questions about alien plants in Ireland; Olivier J-L. Martin and John C. Wallace for help with the various maps at the start of flora.

Many BSBI referees and other botanists have helped with identifying and checking specimens, which was greatly appreciated. Particular thanks are due to David E. Allen for naming many Rubus, Keith Ferguson for help with Salicornia, Jeanette Fryer for help with Cotoneaster, Antony L. Primavesi and Robert Maskew for help with Rosa, Matt J. Stribleyfor looking at Polypodium, Mike L. Stephensfor help with naturalised garden species, John C. Wallace for looking at Montia seeds and Peter F. Yeo for help with Aster.
Herbariums have been very helpful with providing information on specimens they house, for letting me visit and letting me spend many hours looking at specimens and using their libraries. They are: British Museum, London (BM), University of Cambridge, Cambridge (CGE), National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin (DBN), Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh (E), Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K), National Museum of Wales, Cardiff (NMW) and Trinity College, Dublin (TCD). I would particularly like to thank Matthew Jebb of DBN, Mike Wilson of TCD and Mark Spencer of BM.
I would like to thank Sarah Ball and Colette Edwards for their help in the library at the National Botanic Gardens, and staff in the library at the Royal Irish Academy and Trinity College.
I would like to thank the Mapmate team who have helped me with so many queries over the last few years.
I would like to thank my family for all their help and support, particularly my brother Ian for all his help in the field in the first few years, reading numerous drafts of this flora and listening to me over the phone when consulting him about all the problems I had putting the text together and the problems with the database. My father, Alan, being a forester many years ago, helped out in 1997 by suggesting names of conifers Ian and I had found growing wild in the county. My late mother, Pat Green, and grandmother, Mrs E.E. Goldsmith, gave me much support and always took an interest in my botanical activities.
Recorders, BSBI referees, contributors and helpers who have assisted me with this flora since 1997 are:
Pat Acock, Dr John R. Akeroyd, Dr David E. Allen, Michael Archer, Dominic Berridge, Nigel Blackstock, Dr Laurence A. Boorman, Dr Humphrey J.M. Bowen, Catriona Brady, J. Caffrey, Martin Cawley, Arthur O. Chater, Susan Cobley, Rita Cooke, Rob C. Cooke, Dr T.A. Cope, John Coveney, Geraldine A. Crouch, Dr Tom Curtis, Katharine Duff, Graham V. Day, A. Ian Denholm, Fiona D. Devery, Lisa M.J. Dolan, Declan A. Doogue, Bob Ellis, David Fenwick, Dr I. Keith Ferguson, Jeanette Fryer, Lady Ro. FitzGerald, Rosaleen Garbett, Roger N. Goodwillie, Joanne E. Goodyear, David Goyder, Ian P. Green, Dr Peter S. Green, Dr Raymond M. Harley, Siobhan Hearne, T.R. Hodkinson, Pauline Hodson, Dr Nigel Holmes, Libby Houston, Dr Mathew Jebb, C.T. Kelleher, Daniel L. Kelly, Catherine Keena, Giles E. King-Salter, Brian Laney, Dr Alan C. Leslie, Richard V. Lansdown, Alex Lockton, Dr Brian Madden, Olivier J-L. Martin, Mark McCorry, David J. McCosh, Úna McDermott, Declan McGrath, David McNeill, W. Ian McNeill, R. Desmond Meikle, Megan R.W. Morris, Rose J. Murphy, Gina Murrell, Meikle Muyllaert, Richard G.W. Nairn, E. Charles Nelson, Alan Newton, Dr Mary O’Conor, Paddy O’Keeffe, Tony O’Mahony, Jim L. O’Malley, Prof. John S. Parker, David A. Pearman, T.D. Pennington, John Poutsma, Rev. Antony L. Primavesi, Rob D. Randall, Gill H. Read, Dave Rees, Albert W. Reid, Julian Reynolds, Sylvia C.P. Reynolds, Dr Tim C.G. Rich, J. Ian M. Rippey, Dr Norman K.B. Robson, RPS Consultants Ltd, Maura J.P. Scannell, Dr Mary Clare Sheahan, Br. Cathal Smiddy, Mark Spencer, Prof. Clive A. Stace, Mike L. Stephens, Alastair Stevenson, Matt J. Stribley, Pascal Sweeney, John C. Wallace, Dr S. Max Walters, Roy Watson, Erica Wiebe, Mike Wilcox, Frank Winder, Rob Woodall, Dr Mike B. Wyse Jackson and Dr Peter F. Yeo.
Other people whose records were made before 1997, (which I have extracted from various sources):
H.I. Adams, Rev. Thomas Allin, G.J. Allman, T. Anderson, G.C. Argent, E. Armitage, Penny Austin, Prof. Charles C. Babington, J.P. Bailey, Anne E. Ball, P.W. Ball, Robert Ball, Dr Baker, G.E.H. Barrett-Hamilton, Richard M. Barrington, A.L. Beale, Arthur Bennett, C.E. Bond, Evelyn M. Booth, E.H. Bowers, A. Brady, Con Breen, Lady Anne Brewis, James Britten, J.B. Brunker, Richard Burkett, Carroll Isaac, P.H. Carvil, Rev. FR. M. Casey, J. Casper, Thomas Chandlee, M. Chearnley, Pat Clancy, H.R. Clark, Prof. C.D. Cook, Rev. J. Cooke, Vera Copp, Mayor Cummins, Frances W. Currey, Mick Daily, James E. Dandy, V.E.J. Davidson, R.W. David, R. Davis, H.J. Dawson, C.M. Dowlen, George C. Druce, James Drummond, P. Duffy, T.T. Elkington, J.L. Farguharson, Lynne Farrell, Lorna F. Ferguson, S.A. Filfilan, Eddy Fitzgerald, H. Fitzsimons, Rev. William W. Flemyng, Dr George Fogarty, A.R. Friel, Stephen Gallwey, Mrs Gibbon, Louisa S. Glascott, J. Goode, R.J. Gornall, A.M. Greenwood, J. Ernest Grubb, Susanna Grubb, M.D. Guiry, Dr G. Halliday, Henry C. Hart, R. Hartas-Jackson, J.G. Hawkes, J. Heslop-Harrison, H. Heuff, Norman Hickin, Arthur Hogan, Dr Pete M. Hollingsworth, I. Horne, H.W. Howard, Charles E. Hubbard, W. Hussey, Mrs Hutton, W.S. Irving, K. Jefferies, A.C. Jermy, B. Jonsell, Q.O.N. Kay, H.J. Killick, G.M. Kilty, Prof. John R. Kinahan, D. Kingston, Matilda C. Knowles, Mary E. Leebody, CH. T. Lett, Rev. Henry W. Lett, Rev. Edward F. Linton, Cynthia Longfield, A.G. Lyon, J.D. Lovis, Jas T. Mackay, Rev. S. Madden, E. Malone, Di Maxwell, Hugh A. McAllister, Miss McArdle, Mary McCallum Webster, H.D. Megaw, Ronald Melville, Beverley A. Miles, B. Morley, David Moore, Alexander G. More, J.K. Morton, Prof. Murphy, D. Murray, Joseph Neale, Rev. W.W. Newbould, F. Nicholson, G. Nicholson, Michael O’Brian, M. O’Leary, Dr Austin O’Sullivan, Mrs Owens, James T. Palmer, Dr Richard J. Pankhurst, C. Pearson, Dr Frank H. Perring, Mrs Persse, Robert A. Phillips, Katherine Plunkett, J. Poole, Thomas Power, Robert L. Praeger, Herbert W. Pugsley, Quigley, Q. Quinlan, Derek A. Ratcliffe, J.S. Rees, A.J. Richards, J. Ryan, Noel Y. Sandwith, Reginald W. Scully, Peter D. Sell, Norman D. Simpson, Pat Smiddy, Charles Smith, Rev. Travers R. Smith, G. Spencer, Arthur W. Stelfox, S.A. Stewart, Dr B.T. Styles, J. Sullivan, Victor S. Summerhayes, Donal M. Synnott, Pierre M. Taschereau, A. Taylor, Sir George Taylor, P. Taylor, The Dublin Naturalist’s Field Club (DNFC), Nesta Tirard, Miss Trench, Thomas G. Tutin, R.J. Usher, Richard P. Vowell, Dr Walter Wade, Rev. Coslett Herbert Waddell, A.E. Wade, W.A. Watts, David A. Webb, S.D. Webster, C. West, P. Whelan, Mrs White, M. Wilkinson, A.J. Wilmott, J.J. Wood, J. Woods, Dr. E. Perceval Wright, T. Wright, Peter S. Wyse Jackson, Rod Young and Rijnus Zwijnenbury.